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If you run a private ambulance service, you know the importance of reaching as many medical providers as possible. Ambulance Max specializes in the design and development of fully customized websites for ambulance service providers, to increase your online visibility while streamlining the billing and claims recovery process.

Custom Websites for Ambulance Service Providers

This is no time for private ambulance medical services to rely on poorly-designed or outdated websites. The world has changed in the blink of an eye, thus changing the way hospitals and medical centers search for ambulatory services they can have confidence in. Our custom websites look stunning, function flawlessly, and are incredibly easy to manage and update.

A Secure Way to Simplify Billing and Claims

Excess time spent dealing with complex billing issues and claims recovery does nothing but take you away from what you do best. Our custom ambulance websites feature the most advanced, yet easy to manage, billing and claims technology… allowing you to spend less time dealing with administrative issues, and more time providing high-level services to your customers.

Enhanced SEO to Reach More Prospective Clients

In today’s algorithm-driven world, it’s not about how attractive your website looks. It’s about how well it’s coded and moreover, its ability to rank respectably among today’s most popular search engines. We custom code every website we build in accordance with Google’s most up-to-date SEO parameters, to deliver gorgeous, responsive websites that help you get found.

100% Customized

SEO Enhanced

Expert Design

Don’t Let an Outdated Website Hinder Your Success

At Ambulance Max, we understand what trying times these are for those in the medical profession. Our goal is simple. To design and develop leading-edge websites for ambulance medical service providers that improve visibility and visitor engagement, while significantly reducing the amount of time spent dealing with billing issues and claims recovery. To learn more about the benefits of taking your online presence to the highest level, or to schedule a free demo with one of our webmasters, get in touch with Ambulance Max and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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